The following presentations detail high-level concepts associated with Distribution Fault Anticipation, specific use cases, and success stories from over a decade of research.

Automated Waveform Characterization for Providing Situational Awareness to Distribution System Operators. Presented by Carl Benner at the 2018 Georgia Tech Fault Disturbance and Analysis Conference.

Operational Experience with DFA Technology at Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative and Mid-South Synergy presented at the Texas Electric Cooperative 35th Annual Engineering Conference and Exhibit Show

Advanced Monitoring Tools to Improve Distribution System Visibility and Reduce Faults and Outages presented at the 2017 Texas A&M Conference for Protective Relay Engineers

Application of DFA Technology for Improved Reliability and Operations (presented by Carl Benner at the IEEE/IAS Rural Electric Power Conference 2017)

Texas Power Line-Caused Wildfire Mitigation Project (presented by Carl Benner at Southwest Electric Distribution Exchange 2016)

Improved Fault Location On Distribution Circuits Using Advanced Inputs (presented by Michael Lattner of United Cooperative Services, Wayne Carr of Milsoft, and Carl Benner of Texas A&M University at the 2016 Texas A&M University Relay Conference)

On‐line Monitoring of Substation Waveform Data for Improved Asset Management and Circuit Operations (presented by Jeffrey Wischkaemper at CIGRE Canada, September 2015)

Distribution Fault Anticipation: Improving Reliability and Operations by Knowing What Is Happening on Your Feeders (presented by John Bowers of Pickwick Electric and Jeffrey Wischkaemper of Texas A&M Engineering at NRECA TechAdvantage, March 2014)