Those interested in learning more about Distribution Fault Anticipation are encouraged to read the following articles and white papers:

Mid-South Synergy Uses DFA Technology to Avoid Substation Switch Failure

Mid-South Synergy Uses DFA Technology to Diagnose Fault-Induced Conductor Slap

White Paper on Incipient Faults

White Paper on Vegetation Faults

Pickwick Electric Cooperative Uses DFA to Avoid PQ Problems and Catastrophic Switch Failure

Mid-South Synergy Uses DFA Technology to Avoid Outage and Reduce Wildfire Risk

Application of DFA Technology for Improved Reliability and Operations (Co-Authored with Robert Peterson of Pedernales Electric Cooperative) at the 2017 IEEE Rural Electric Power Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA, April 23-26, 2017

Bluebonnet Electric Uses DFA Technology to Detect Arrester Failure and Accelerate Response

Sam Houston EC Uses DFA Technology to Detect and Locate Failed Arrester

Pedernales Uses DFA Technology to Reduce Vegetation Wildfire Risk and Increase Reliability

Tree Limb Burns Down Line, Causes Outage: DFA Technology Could Have Prevented Damage, Outage

Pickwick Uses DFA Technology to Predict, Prevent Vegetation Outage

Recurrent Outage Baffles Crew: DFA Technology Puts End to Three-Month Problem

Misbehaving Capacitor Controllers Spell Trouble: DFA Technology Corrects Problem, Prevents Damage

DFA Technology Alerts Utilities to Bad Bushings, Avoids Outages

Line Switch Failure Causes Outage: DFA Technology Enables One-Month Advance Warning

BC Hydro Uses DFA Technology to Prevent Conductor-Slap and Outages